TDM, develops and manufactures the world’s leading hydrostatic spindles and spin tables. Our spindles effectively combine extremely high rotational accuracy with exceptional vibration resistance, providing great static stiffness and virtually infinite life span. These hydrostatic spindles have been effectively utilized in many applications, including:

  • Fuel Injectors Grinding
  • Power Generator Shafts Production
  • Large Copper Drums Diamond Turning
  • Tungsten Carbide Molds Ultra-precision milling
  • Telescope Lenses and Lithography Lenses ultra-precision grinding with surface finish up to Ra between 1 and 2 nanometers
TDM offer a new generation of ultra-high-speed hydrostatic spindles with maximumal speed up to 250'000 rpm.

Designed and manufactured for extremely precise machining application a TDM's hydrostatic spindles uniquely combine:
  • ultra- high rotational accuracy
  • high stiffness and load capacity
  • extremely high vibration resistance
  • very high thermal stability.
  • absense of wear

WORK HEADS GRINDING SPINDLES Combination of hydrostatic work head spindle with ultra-high speed hydrostatic internal grinding spindle will improve significantly grinding process performance:

  • Out of roundness
  • Surface finish
  • Productivity
In contrast to ball bearings spindles, the life time for ultra-high speed hydrostatic spindles is virtually non limited.

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