The B axis is one of the devices developed by TDM among the complete range of accessories for machining centers.

Via B axis one can carry out variety of machining operations as turning, milling, drilling, tapping both concentric and not concentric to the B-axes and at any angle of inclination relative to the axis location, B axis can be used as an additional machine axis working simulateneously in interpolation with other machine's axes to get high accuracy sophisticated profiles.

The unit is available in different sizes, with different motor spindles and with different ways of mounting.

Use of tool holders HSK, ISO , CAPTO or other ones are upon customer request. The high rigity robust structure, the special braking system and built in encoder ensure heavy machining with high accuracy that will last for a long time.


  • Continuous torque: Up to 400 Nm
  • Stall torque: Up to 350 Nm)
  • Brake torque: Up to 4000 Nm
  • Repeatability of position: 0.0005 deg
  • Tilting: +/- 115 deg
  • Encoder: 52000 pulse
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